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We focus on People, Passion, and Leadership. We "transform organizations one at a time."

Our Story

Leadership workshops, training, and best practices, which offers 25 years of corporate experiences in the areas of sales, business development, cross channel teaming & relationship building, channel management & marketing. Let PLC, Inc. help your organization raise employee engagement and their abilities to contribute as a cohesive team.

Organizational Behavior Improvements

Organizational culture stands out, primarily because a company’s culture has a major impact to the type of person that would perform well or not perform well. The opportunity for improving organizational behaviors has several factors for the basis of overall job and role satisfaction factors. If an employee is unhappy from the beginning then the others are of no consequence. Let PLC, Inc. help your organization turn this around.

The Impact of Corporate Cultures on Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Organizational behavior in the twenty-first century is developing to embrace a more eclectic and holistic view of humans at work. As organizations geographically diversify, and the liberated progress of labor across national boundaries intensifies, the necessity to interact effectively with broader genders and cultures becomes critical.PLC, Inc. can help your organization improve your culture, which will have a positive impact with employees.

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Communicating effectively by understanding, reading, and responding to the expressive nuances in diverse cultures and environments underscores the importance of the relationship between diversity and inclusion in the new millennium is obligatory. PLC, Inc. can help your organization and leaders inspire the true heartbeat of any company - THE EMPLOYEES. 

Kevin Pratt, II, MA

Kevin Pratt, II - Consultant 

Mr. Kevin Pratt, II is a native of Washington, DC born to the late Kevin Pratt, Sr. and Deborah Pratt. Since his migration to Georgia in 1996, Kevin resides in Gwinnett County. Kevin is an alumnus of Shorter University with a Bachelors of Science Management degree, Cum Laude Honors, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership with a 3.9 GPA. Career experiences for Kevin include twenty-five years in the Telecom Industry from Boston, MA to Atlanta, GA. Currently. Kevin has been responsible for overseeing the completion of multi-million dollar partnerships throughout his career. Mr. Pratt's passion for People, Purpose, and Leadership is the motivation for serving others. 

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