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Four Areas of Focus and Influence

o Foundational Skill Building: Customized assessment of leadership and management strengths, skills and areas of improvement with executive coaching to develop each individuals’ unique leadership style and personal action plan for ongoing development.

o Cross-Functional Business Approach: Personal case to enable individuals to address performance gaps or strategy opportunities facing an organization with executive coaching. Develop a big picture view of company’s building blocks and how all functions interrelate and contribute to overall corporate strategy.

o Strategy Formulation and Implementation: Apply knowledge and skills to everyday work through foundational skills and cross-functional knowledge, leveraging unique talents, addressing important real-world issues and further develop leadership presence with professional executive coach to assess progress on personal case, and leadership development.

o Leading Change: Learn new skills and ways to drive innovation, navigate global market shifts and how to move quickly on promising opportunities. Work one-on-one sessions with coach to gain greater confidence in ability to influence and lead others. Explore change management, innovation best practices, leadership and execution.  

The Pratt Leadership Consulting Approach

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